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Antispyd is a HTTP/HTTPS proxy server designed to be fast, efficient, modular and secure. It's written in pure C and uses a simple and customizable configuration file. It's POSIX compliant, has been developed under Gentoo/Linux and is tested with Valgrind. Another main aspect of Antispyd is its ability to produce customized logs for better Web usage monitoring.

The server is designed with a modular software architecture, the following filters can be used and configured independently :

  • Url Filtering, url's and domain's lists are supported
  • Mime-type Filtering
  • Advanced HTTP flow's size Control
  • Web-Identity Masking
  • Shellcode and Zero-day threat Filtering
  • Cookie Removal
  • Signature based Filtering
  • Inappropriate content Blocking
  • Pop-up Deleting
  • Fault-tolerant Proxy Cache Inter-connexion Capability

  • So, Antispyd can be used to satisfy some current company's security needs like :

  • Web Usage Policy establishment
  • Web Usage Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Avoiding
  • Instant Messaging Control
  • Peer-to-Peer Filtering
  • Worms Proliferation Blocking
  • Malware Protection

  • Releases - current : Antispyd-0.0.9
    Download on

    Manpage and RSS Feed are now availables, a PDF documentation coming soon ...

    Julien Perez <jnm42 AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net>